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Saturday Morning Services @ 9:30 AM ... Sharp


The Rabbi’s Class meets on Wednesdays @ 7pm in the Bernstein Library

"Lunch with the Rabbi" meets every other Wednesday. TBA


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Constant Contact E-BLASTS: [email protected]




In addition to acknowledging those who helped with the autumn Jewish High Holidays,
the Rabbi extends his appreciation as follows for the many ways these individuals assist throughout the year:

*  The Kreinces: First and foremost in the synagogue’s “Team One” is our esteemed Cantor, John Kreinces.
His list of contributions is long and includes leading on the High Holidays with the first class choir,
conducting weekly Shabbat services, heading the fundraising appeal that helps maintain us,
organizing social events and much more.
All of this with the complete support of Fran, who is, herself, so committed to the welfare of our community and
is always willing to lend a helping hand in the kitchen. Topping all of this, their very generous giving is most appreciated;

*  The Kawalers: Justin regularly is among the first to arrive at minyon, assists as Gabbai whenever needed and helps with the Torah reading.
His generous support of the synagogue is well known, together with Eileen’s commitment, support, help in the kitchen
and long-time role on the Board as treasurer. Their kindness and generosity is admired by all. Our thanks and honors to both of them;

* Sid Wharton: Our Gabbai, and now seasoned in this role, is so impor- tant to the weekly functioning of our services, on top of giving generously;

*  Bruce York: Who is always first to arrive to help set up for our services and for tending to the memorial boards,
as well as being one of the Rebetzen’s team of helpers;

*  Dr. Jerry Ginsberg: Who, when in town, is also among the first to
arrive to help with the minyon and who is another of the Rebetzen’s team of helpers;

*  Dr. Fred Covan and all members of the Board: Your year-round efforts are relied on to make CBZ all it is;

*  The Hebrew School: Many thanks to Elisa Levy (organizer & teacher extraordinaire) with helpers Donna Feldman, Mike Klitenick, Granma Trish, Barbara Webb, Jolee Oppenheimer (and Rebetzen Nadia’s cookies.) Thanks to Justin & Eileen for the big donation to the school;

*  Rebetzen Nadia and her team of volunteers:
Our thanks to our Rebetzen. Acknowledging her multi-tasking ability—not only does she prepare a “mean” Kiddush brunch
but she shleps to Miami to shop for quality and price.
Bravo to her and the team, which includes (in addition to those noted above) Chef Larry Perll, Rev. Sarah Fowler,
Mae McMahan, Barbara Webb, Maxine Makover, Mark Funt,
Fred Covan, Kenny Weschler, Diane & George Dumigan, Arnie Young, Judie Klitenick & Carrie Hellison;

*  and, everyone whose volunteerism & contributions help CBZ!!


So many helped with the autumn Jewish holidays at B’nai Zion and deserve our appreciation.

Thanks are extended to all of the following:
* Rabbi Dudai & our Cantor, Dr. John Kreinces, for their inspirational services;

* the Choir Members for their melodic tones & hard work throughout the High Holidays;

* Diana Heller for coordinating the 5780 Yizkor Book & to all contributors;

* Sid Wharton, our Gabbai, for his coordination efforts throughout all of the holiday services.

* Fran & John Kreinces for the flowers that added beauty to the sanctuary & social hall, and
for sponsoring the Rosh Hashanah Kiddush lunch together with Barbara & Creighton Webb;

* Special thanks to the Appelrouth and Farr Families for sponsoring the Yom Kippur Break Fast;

* Rebetzen Nadia and all who assisted her for the delicious holiday meals/kiddushes;

* Abby Weiss for keeping us all informed with the weekly eBlasts she sends out;

* All who built and decorated and took down the sukkah;

* Helene and Marty Greenberg for inviting all at CBZ to celebrate in their sukkah;

* and, everyone at CBZ involved in making the holidays meaningful in so many different ways!


2019 membership dues now accepted ONLINE! Click here to pay with credit card


* If you wish to put a name on the Mishaberach list contact Sid Wharton *



Board of Directors Meeting

The first Monday of every month at 6:30 pm in the CBZ Library

 Rabbi’s Evening Study Class – “The Abrahamic Family: The Family Feud & Its Consequences”

Every Wednesday at 7:00 pm in the CBZ Library, unless pre-empted by other CBZ event


 Wednesday, January 8 at 12:00 pm – Oasis Mediterranean Cuisine, 1019 White Street

Lunch with the Rabbi


 Wednesday, January 8 at 7:00 pm – CBZ Library

Rabbi’s Evening Study Class resumes


 Monday, January 20 at 7:30 pm – CBZ Sanctuary

M3M Movie Series Presents “93 Queen”

Sponsored by William & Renay Regardie

The third film in this season’s series is about the Hasidic women who created New York City’s

first all female volunteer ambulance corps.


 Wednesday, January 22 at 6:00 pm – CBZ Social Member

Annual Meeting and Board Election


 Monday, February 17 at 7:30 pm – CBZ Sanctuary

M3M Movie Series Presents “1945”

Sponsored by Justin & Eileen Kawaler and Sheldon Davidson & Susan Server

The fourth film in this season’s series is a story of the impactful arrival of two Orthodox Jews

in a remote Hungairan village during 1945.


 Tuesday, March 11 – CBZ Social Hall

Purim Party, additional details TBD


 Monday, March 16 at 7:30 pm – CBZ Sanctuary

M3M Movie Series Presents “Three Identical Strangers”

Sponsored by Stephen Kitsakos & John DeWald

The fifth film in this season’s series is about the placement of three identical brothers to different families in 1961.


 April 8 – CBZ Social Hall

Erev Pesach – Passover Community Seder, additional details TBD


 Monday, April 20 at 7:30 pm – CBZ Sanctuary

M3M Movie Series Presents “Shoelaces”

Sponsored by Mae McMahan and Michael & Judie Klitenick

The final film in our series tell the story of a complicated relationship between a father and his special needs son,

whom he abandoned as a child.


cem gates

With deep sadness we announce the passing
of our longtime member and dear friend, Dr. David Hawtof.
David passed away peacefully on Tuesday 2/5/19, at his home on United Street
and was laid to rest in his family plot in Waco, Texas.




If you are interested in a possible trip to Israel and Italy in 2020,
please contact Mark Funt at [email protected]

Please note — this is not a firm plan and there is no commitment required;
we are simply asking if there’s enough interest to begin coordinating activities


M3M (Movie on the 3rd Monday) 2019-20: - Screenings all begin at 7:30 PM
They are free and open to the public
Donations Accepted and Appreciated!

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 18, 2019 - Shalom Bollywood
Sponsored by Jeffrey Gorsky
The history and untold story of the 2,000 year old Indian Jewish community and its influence on the world’s largest film industry.

MONDAY, DECEMBER 16, 2019 - Who Will Write Our History
Sponsored by Nancy & Mark Funt
The film recounts a bold story of Nazi resistance within the Waraw ghetto. Directed by Roberta Grossman and produced by Nancy Spielberg.

MONDAY, JANUARY 20, 2020 93 - Queen
Sponsored by Renay & Bill Regardie
Hasidic women create the first all-female volunteer ambulance corps in New York.

MONDAY, FEBRUARY 17, 2020 - 1945
Sponsored by Susan Server & Sheldon Davidson and Eileen & Justin Kawaler
The impact, in 1945, of the arrival of two Orthodox Jews in a remote Hungarian village.

MONDAY, MARCH 16, 2020 - Three Identical Strangers
Sponsored by Stephen Kitsakos & John DeWald
A documentary about the 1961 international placement, under the Jewish Board of Guardians,
of three identical brothers to families of different economic levels.

MONDAY, April 20, 2020 - Shoelaces
Sponsored by Mae McMahan
An Israei film about the complicated relationship between an aging father and his special-needs son, whom he abandoned as a young boy.

Sincere appreciation and gratitude to all our sponsors for this coming year and to those who have sponsored in the past, and
a special thank you to MATTHEW HELMERICH & JEFFREY HARWELL for underwriting the cost of our M3M brochure.

For more M3M info, please contact Maxine Makover at (404) 274-3217

are free and open to the public.

Donations Accepted and Appreciated!



As we approach winter season, I’m looking forward to seeing many of you who have been away during the summer.

Our M3M movie series is in full swing and we have many events scheduled.

Please pay attention to Constant Contact email announcements so that you do not miss any of our activities.

Our Membership Committee has reached out to the local food bank called SOS and we have begun the process of having our members
help out with this highly worthwhile program. I think it’s wonderful that CBZ is getting more involved with community activities
and being recognized for our involvement. I especially want to thank
DEAN BILTON, LARRY ABRAMOVITZ, MARK FUNT & MIKE KLITENICK for their activities in this area.

We will keep you informed as to what kind of volunteer activities are available for you to participate in.
Many years ago, members of our congregation volunteered at St. Mary’s soup kitchen.
It was more meaningful than eating at a Chinese restaurant and going to a movie.

CBZ's video monitor security system is now in place and working well. Hopefully we will never need its services.
Nevertheless, we continue to be vigilant and, in this regard, in January we are going to have the head of the Key West Police Department,
Chief Brandenburg, speak to members regarding recommended procedures in the case of an active shooter scenario.

I am not scared of this happening, but I believe in the Boy Scout’s motto — ”be prepared.”

Looking forward to seeing you around town and in synagogue. Shalom, Fred


Thanks also to those who sponsored the March and April M3M films and a very special thank you
goes out to MAXINE MAKOVER for organizing this wonderful on-going series of movies of Jewish interest
that is on-going throughout season.

Many thanks go out to the following individuals that helped with the M3M events:
In addition, CBZ is grateful for all the at-the-door contributions made by attendees.

Appreciation is extended as well to everyone who made Purim a joyous celebration,
especially to the REBETZEN for her incredible hamantaschen and other goodies,
EILEEN KAWALER & BARBARA WEBB for staffing the entry desk and our photographer for the evening,

Rebetzen Nadia extends thanks to TOBA COHEN, CARRIE HELLIESON & BRUCE YORK
for helping to decorate the social hall and to ARNIE YOUNG for his help with the food prep



This is an opportunity to enjoy an informal lunch in various restaurants in Key West.
At lunch, any and all subjects are discussed in a free-form fashion
dictated only by the interests of those in attendance.

Everyone chimes in on current events, their own experiences.
Our well-informed Rabbi is always in attendance to answer questions posed by the attendees.

It starts on Wednesday, January 9, and continues every other Wednesday after that.
The dates and restaurants will be publicized in time for you to join in this chance to interface
with your fellow Jews around an informal luncheon table.


Welcome to New Members :

Amanda and Scott Jacobsen

Flora and Howard Schwartz

Drs. Helene and Martin Greenberg


Mazel Tov on the birth of granddaughter HARPER JUNE THORESON to Beverly & Bill Goldner!

Mazel Tov to Amanda and Scott Jacobsen on the birth of their son MAVERICK


Mazel Tov to DANIELLE DUDAI ... on the opening of her law practice in Ft. Lauderdale!


CBZ extends its gratitude to all those who made and will make High Holiday Pledges and Contributions;

for daily B'nai Zion expenses, for Tree of Life Leaves and Yahrzeit Memorial Plaques,

to the Rabbi's Fund, the Cemetery Fund and for Saturday Kiddush Donations.

Please send in your checks ASAP.


Our synagogue's survival depends on your generous contributions,

as does the STATE of ISRAEL. Please give!


hebrew school news

Elisa Levy
will once again be leading the CBZ Hebrew School.
Class will be held Monday afternoons, beginning on September 23.
To enroll a child or find out how you can help, contact Elisa at [email protected]

A very BIG thank you to the B’nai Zion Congregation for all their donations & support.
A special “thank you” to Justin & Eileen Kawaler for their generous donations and to Barbara Webb for volunteering.
We are currently looking for a volunteer to do PR & community awareness for the school to
attract more families. If interested, please call Elisa Levy at (305) 923-3348.


THE JEWS OF KEY WEST: Smugglers, Cigar Makers, and Revolutionaries (1823-1969).

We Shared … Jewish History Book Event at CBZ!
On December 10, CBZ hosted a presentation & book-signing by Arlo Haskell for his new book
THE JEWS OF KEY WEST: Smugglers, Cigar Makers, and Revolutionaries (1823-1969).

This book resulted from years of effort and collaboration between Arlo and B’nai Zion’s own Susie Savitch.

The book explores a segment of Key West and Jewish history that had not been previously
expanded on in the literary world.

Thanks in part to a front-page article in The Citizen advertising the event, about 200 people attended
and a good portion of the book’s first printing was sold that day.

Many thanks to Arlo and Susie, as well as all those who helped to make this a very special event,
including: Rabbi Dudai & Rebetzen Nadia, Liz Young and Eileen Kawaler.

There are a few copies of the book available in the CBZ Gift Shop and at local Key West bookstores.

For more information about Arlo, the book and how to purchase it on-line, go to

This is a terrific historical, educational read about our Jewish Key West history.


We are happy to announce that Congregation B’nai Zion is now a participant in the Amazon Smile program.

What is Amazon Smile? Amazon Smile is a website operated by Amazon that lets customers enjoy

the same wide selection of products, low prices and convenient shopping features as found on

The difference is that when customers shop at Amazon Smile (, the Amazon Smile Foundation

donates 0.50% of the price of eligible purchases to the charitable organization selected by the customer.

There is no cost to the organization or the customer.

If you have any questions contact 888-282-0536 or [email protected]

If you are one of our many CBZers who shops on Amazon, please help us out by going to Amazon Smile.

Thank you for your anticipated participation!


Dr John Kreinces Shabbat Services CD and High Holiday CD are available in the Gift Shop.
These are absolutely wonderful CD's of CBZ Cantor John singing all the songs and all the voices are his!
Every CBZ member should have both of these CD's at home.
Do a mitzva and give them as Gifts to your family and friends this holiday season.

These CD's will help you sing along with John at the High Holiday and Shabbat Morning Services. .
All proceeds from CD sales go to CBZ operating fund ... Thanks John and Fran


CBZ THANKS Marian & Alan Gorman, Deborah & Sidney Goldman, and
Tom Lavender & Deborah Rothstein for recently donating books of Jewish
history, culture and tradition to the B’nai Zion library. THANK YOU
also to Elyse & Howard Spialter for donating a new Haftorah book in
honor of the 50th anniversary of Howard’s Bar Mitzvah.



Special Thanks to all those who have sponsored a Saturday Kiddush,
and kudos to Nadia and her Volunteer Staff
for making our Saturday Kiddush the best brunch on the Island.

****** If You partake in our wonderful Saturday kiddush ******
then please be generous and sponsor one or two of your own.

For sponsoring a Kiddush call Nadia @ 786-877-0118 • [email protected]


A job well done to Susie Savitch, Sheldon Davidson and Bernie Kaplan
creating the Key West Jewish History panels L'DOR V'DOR (from generation to generation)
that are now on display in the Social Hall.


Don't Forget CBZ has Key Wests' only Judaica Gift Shop

Call Mae @ 305-294-3437


Trope Class

Dr. John Kreinces wil start a Trope class if anyone is interested ... e-mail Dr. John


If you know of an unaffiliated Jewish individual or of a Jewish family living in the Keys,
please contact LARRY ABRAMOVITZ,
Chair of the Membership Committee,
at 856-889-4360 or [email protected]


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Saturday Services start at 9:30 am. A Shabbat Kiddush brunch follows. Please join us and bring a friend.


The Jewish TV Channel -TJC Listings


National Museum of American Jewish History in Philadelphia


Happy Birthday to The State of Israel - #62

Israel:Defying all odds - You Tube


Perception of Jews by Renown Gentiles


Read ... Declaration of the Establishment of the State of Israel


Read ... The Last Man Alive who witnessed Israel's Declaration of independence


Jerusalem Day

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HaTikva - Words and Melody

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