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Shimon Dudai

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Dr. John Kreinces

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Saturday Morning Services @ 9:30 AM ... Sharp
Friday Night Shabbat Service @ 7PM.


Rabbi's Class
resumes Wednesday November 5 @ 7pm

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Cemetery Matters Remembering CBZ in your Will

high Holidays

This year add special Prayers for Peace in Israel.


To all those who stay throughout the summer, Thank You for holding down the fort.

For those returning to Key West ... Welcome back.

We encourage you all to come and bring friends and family with you to our wonderful Shabbat Services,

Holiday Parties and to our "Feed Your Mind, Feed Your Soul" Shabbat lecture/dinner series.


CBZ extends its gratitude to all those who made High Holiday Pledges and Contributions,

for Tree of Life Leaves and Yahrzeit Memorial Plaques,

to the Rabbi's Fund, the Cemetery Fund and for Saturday Kiddush Donations.

Please send in your checks ASAP, and for those who have already done so ...THANK YOU.

Our synagogue depends on your generous contributions,

as does the STATE of ISRAEL. Please give!



Chanukah begins on December 16 @ 6pm and CBZ's annual holiday party is on December 21 @ 6pm.

More details to follow.


feed your mind


2015 schedule ...3 more Great Speakers ... Schedule TBA

B'nai Zion sends a big Thank You to Elisa Levy, Jack Einhorn and Arlo Haskell for their speeches and insight.

Don't miss out on Nadia and her crew,
whose incredible meals after the Lectures always makes for a Great Social Evening at CBZ.

Call Kenny Weschler 305-292-1920 or to make reservations


It is with deep sadness and heavy hearts

we announce the passing of longtime friends and CBZ members

Sheldon Mermelstein, Ginger Kanzer Lewis and Joe and Freddie Linder.

Condolences to all the families for the loss of these wonderful people.


Sheldon Mermelstein received from the French Government, France's highest honor the Legion of Honour.

Sheldon's invitation was signed by French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

Sheldon was a combat engineer with the 94th Infantry Division during World War II.

During the war he was awarded a Purple Heart, Four Battle Stars and the Distinguished Unit Citation.

To view the article in the Key West Citizen go to

Truly A hero!

We are all saddened by Sheldon's passing but blessed that he was part of our family.



Special Thanks to all those who have sponsored a Saturday Kiddush,
and kudos to Nadia and her Volunteer Staff
for making our Saturday Kiddush the best brunch on the Island.

If you partake in our wonderful saturday kiddush, then please be generous and sponsor one of your own.

For sponsoring a Kiddush call Nadia @ 786-877-0118 •


Key West's only Judaica Gift Shop

Chanukah is fast approaching ... Please support the CBZ Gift Shop.
Please call Mae @ 305-296-9669 to set up an appointment.


A job well done to Susie Savitch, Sheldon Davidson and Bernie Kaplan
creating the Key West Jewish History panels L'DOR V'DOR (from generation to generation)
that are now on display in the Social Hall.

And a Book on Key West Jewish History is almost done!


Trope Class

Dr. John Kreinces wil start a Trope class if anyone is interested ... e-mail Dr. John


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A BIG THANK YOU to Elyse Spialter for the great job with our Newsletter! Thank You! Thank You!

If you write monthly articles for the newsletter, Please send them ASAP to Elyse.
If any member has information they want to put into the newsletter, please contact Elyse at


Assembling the newsletter and sending it out is very time consuming and very costly in the printing and in the mailing.

The Newsletter is always available online on CBZ's web site and is being sent out via email.

CBZ will continue to send out the Newsletter to those without computers and to without access to email.

Copies can be picked up at CBZ

We are trying to help CBZ save $$$$ and go Green,

Please let Karen know at and she will adjust the mailing list.


Saturday Services start at 9:30 am. A Shabbat Kiddush brunch follows. Please join us and bring a friend.


The Jewish TV Channel -TJC Listings



National Museum of American Jewish History in Philadelphia


Happy Birthday to The State of Israel - #62

Israel:Defying all odds - You Tube


Perception of Jews by Renown Gentiles


Read ... Declaration of the Establishment of the State of Israel


Read ... The Last Man Alive who witnessed Israel's Declaration of independence


Jerusalem Day


* If you wish to put a name on the Mishaberach list contact Sid Wharton *

Israel Flag

HaTikva - Words and Melody

Pray for Israel in this time of need. Donate!

Jewish Calendar Conversion

Exodus 25:8: "And let them make me a sanctuary and I will dwell among them."

Chanukah or Christmass

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